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Phones In The Theater

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General News Let's talk a little about smartphones in the theater. Here we are, having just plunked down some hard-earned lettuce to be entertained, sees someone who is obviously too self-absorbed to notice how they are disturbing others by using their phones while the movie is being screened. Some are texting, some are playing games and some are watching the latest cat video.

Now, I understand that these devices make life easier by making communication much more widespread. But...this has lead to a certain coarsening of the culture. Instead of accepting the fact that using these devices may be inappropriate in certain venues, these folks will actually give you some static when you politely inform them that they are making your movie experience less than ideal. I've seen some serious disruptions by those who simply refuse to understand what they do is a breach in common courtesy. It's not like they've were not warned. I've seen notices posted about the use of phones in the auditorium and title cards on the screen saying please turn off your phones. Hard to miss. Just because you have the phone doesn't mean you should use it every minute. When I see folks whip these things out the moment the credits start rolling like as if they were holding their breaths the entire time, They have some issues.

I have to admit, it is very gratifying to see these people get the boot after they've been warned. Especially when they start loudly making excuses, never realizing how foolish they look to the rest of the audience. I can only hope that others learn from this. It's not such a big deal to disconnect for two hours. After all, you are there to see a movie. If you just have to watch the latest cat video, take it to the lobby. Afraid you'll miss some of the show? Then choose wisely. How many of you remember pay phones? Where would you find them? That's right, the lobby or even outside. I have never seen a pay phone installed in the auditorium. Why? So your call won't disturb others during the show.

Now, I like to think that a stern warning for the first offense is fair. But, I'm not against a tasing for a second and last offense along with a booting from the theater with no refund.

Folks, it's not difficult to be courteous. It seems to have been much more common when I was younger. Courtesy doesn't cost a thing and a little can go a long way. See for yourself!

See you at the show!