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Thoughts on Rocky Horror

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General News It was a fairly normal night in mid-October, 1982. My two friends, Pat and Mike persuaded me that I just have to see this movie. It was mayhem! Food flying, people yelling, and some guy in fishnets on screen strutting about. Complete confusion. However, once I heard the soundtrack, I knew I'd be back. This humble beginning marked my nearly 20-year association with The Rocky Horror Picture Show (afterwards RHPS). This was at the Ridgeview Plaza cinema in North Ridgeville. We assembled a cast and were offered free admission if we put on a show.

Much has been said about this flick having to do as a "rite of passage". While that may be true for some, I never experienced this. For me, I enjoyed the movie for it's own merits. A send-up of all things b-movie. And I still give the soundtrack a listen on occasion. However, I have noticed distinct stages of progression for a Rocky fan. First is the evangelical stage. You've seen the movie a handful of times and you must tell everyone you know all about it. Several times. "Watch me do the Time Warp again!" "You gotta see it!" You know what I'm talking about. During this time you'll be making your costume and learning your lines, making sure both are as correct as you can make them. Back in my day, before the Internet and smartphones, this took multiple screenings and a copy of Richard Anobile's book, "The Official Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie Novel". I still have it, battered and dog-eared from much use. Once you have the basics mastered, you'll enter the main stage. You have the lines memorized, your costume is great, your Time Warp is spot on. You spend this time polishing your act. In my day this was fairly easy because we did this Friday and Saturday every week for years. The next stage a little boredom sets in and you spend more time catching up with your friends and less time actually watching the movie. Many weekend evenings for me were spent this way smoking just outside the old Falls Theater. The last stage is when you are seriously considering leaving. It can be for any reason, boredom, other priorities, life itself. You may be tempted to go back and "get a fix", but when I did, I was reminded as to why I left.

There is so much more I can relate here and I'll post another installment before too long. After all, there's almost 20 years of stuff to put down. See you soon.