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Reviews Flash Gordon is a classic sci-fi serial! Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe is a 12-chapter serial, the last of these serials made between 1936 and 1940. The 12 chapters are: The Purple Death, Freezing Torture, Walking Bombs, The Destroying Ray, The Palace of Horror, Flaming Death, The Land of the Dead, The Fiery Abyss, The Pool of Peril, The Death Mist, Stark Treachery and Doom of the Dictator. As Jean Rogers was not eager to do the last serial as well as being under contract by 20th Century, she does not make an appearance here as Dale Arden.

While the effects were very primitive, the series was among the first to portray a science fiction theme and is now considered culturally significant. For me, it's always been a blast to see these episodes again. Plus, in the very best of the "Ginger-Mary Ann" tradition, I always like Princess Aura more. Come on down and see the show!