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Saturday Chiller Theater!

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Reviews Welcome to Chiller Theater! Saturday night here at the West means a special double feature! The flicks are: Carnival of Souls and City of the Dead. Carnival of Souls is a well known cult classic that tells of a young lady named Mary who, with her girlfriends, were drag racing another car when her vehicle goes over the side. She, by some miracle, survives, but she can't remember how. The film nicely uses atmosphere rather than special effects to create foreboding and slowly increasing tension. I really don't wish to spoil this one, so I'm keeping the details to a minimum. A keeper. City of the Dead is a cult item about a young lady (is this a trend?) who travels to Massachusetts to do some research on witchcraft. However, she discovers that there is a witch that needs to sustain her immortality. And guess how she needs to go about it? Truthfully, I haven't seen this one, but I will Saturday.

This event will also have video shorts, skits, trivia contests with prizes and fun for all! I'll see you there!