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Return of the Sci-Fi Double Feature!

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Reviews Welcome to another installment of the Cheesy Sci-Fi Double feature! The two flicks here are War of the Robots and Killers from Space. War of the Robots is an Italian production about an alien civilization that is facing extinction kidnaps two earthling geneticists. The film is pretty bad, but has a high mock quotient. 3/8 (film rating/mock rating) Killers from Space is a B-movie starring Peter Graves. You may remember him from the Mission Impossible TV series as well as his portrayal of Captain Clarence Oveur on "Airplane!". A rather good film, the premise is an atomic scientist (Graves) working on A-bomb tests and while gathering data from the results, crashes his plane. He returns to base apparently unharmed, but there is something different about him. Soon, aliens who want to exterminate the human race are involved. Not a bad little film, worth seeing just for the esteemed Mr. Graves. 6/5. Come on down for a screening!